A Company B Christmas

by Company B Jazz Band

Released 2013
Released 2013
Inspired by recordings of the 30s and 40s, this album features classic Christmas songs as done by the Andrews Sisters and the Mills Brothers. Several tracks are also original arrangements, and you can hear the band's playfulness in full swing.
In Company B Jazz Band's Christmas recording, the band members' love for the era of music they represent and their sense of humour in performance shine. The majority of the tracks are original arrangements, and while the rest are inspired by other bands' arrangements they are adapted for Company B's instrumentation (and quirky personalities!). Dave Taylor, Jens Christiansen, Jennifer Hodge, Juhli Conlinn, Shannon Scott and Emily Lyall may all take credit for collaborative efforts in producing this seasonal gem.

Now, how this album came to be is best told in the liner notes of the original CD art, which read as follows...

Once upon a Christmas time, not many years ago,
Us folks of Company B found something missing from our show.
Many a Yuletide thing we did, of that we could agree:
Wrapping, baking, decorating, tinseling our tree!
Still, despite this fun we had, it could not be denied;
Something else was missing, there was something yet to find...
At once we knew: the Christmas songs! We played no Christmas music!
No time now to spend on wreaths; time to get down to it.

With a mouth full of sugarplums and a quill in hand,
Jen scribed Winter Wonderland.
Christmas Island was next, and now on a roll,
Jen added Santa Baby to her manuscript scroll.

Seeing Jen transcribing away,
Shannon, she jumped on that song learning sleigh!
She whipped up arrangements of songs we all know:
I'll Be Home For Christmas and then Let It Snow.
Not to forget the theme of this business,
She tweaked Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

We played these songs with all our might,
Caroled for all through the Christmastime nights.
'Twas oh so much fun! We could plainly see:
We all loved Christmas in harmony.

So as next year's holiday season drew near,
We eagerly dove into Christmas song cheer.
We listened, we learned, we arranged songs anew;
We worked as a team, and our repertoire grew.
What followed I'm sure you've already guessed:
It was time to record our seasonal best.

Now Jens took the reins, and full speed ahead
On the recording, mixing and mastering sled.
Even with eggnog and cookies for fuel,
It was no small feat all the work he did do!
With some ink and a brush Shannon did her part too,
And crafted the art on the package for you.

Now here is the end, our story's complete.
Be merry! Enjoy this Christmastime treat!


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