CDs for purchase

We have a fresh new cd on the shelves!  "A Company B Christmas" features all sorts of seasonal goodies from the familiar to the obscure, performed in signature swinging Company B Jazz Band style.  Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer!


Organic Honey - by Jane's Honeybees Apiary

Our quirkiness extends even to our merch table!  This honey is a product of a locally owned and operated apiary, and is hugely popular at our live shows.  Contact us to get more info!

Upcoming Events

  • Apr 28
    St. James Hall,  Vancouver
  • May 27
    Private Event,  Vancouver
  • Jun 10
    Town of Ymir, BC,  Ymir
  • Jun 11
    Town of Ymir, BC,  Ymir
  • Jun 17
    Gathering Place Community Centre / Emery Barnes Park,  Vancouver

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